Whether it’s a rose quartz pendant or a citrine-charged moisturiser, crystals have moved into the mainstream as of late. Thanks to the likes of Instagram and Etsy, the art of crystal healing has had a thoroughly modern makeover, and many of us are turning to crystals for guidance, support, and healing.

Chances are, you may already have crystals on your office desk, bedside table, handbag, or even your bra. However, crystal hoarding isn’t necessarily conducive to crystal healing. As Tamara Driessen, aka Wolf Sister, details in her new book, The Crystal Code: “crystals won’t work their magic unless you work with them.”

“Crystals provide a way for us to reconnect with ourselves but we need to collaborate with them, and see our world through the lens of the crystal for it to have impact,” she added. “When done well, working with crystals can help you slow down, tap into your intuition and realign your intentions.”

Although Driessen has collected crystals her whole life, it wasn’t until she reached the age of 28 and felt trapped in a pattern of negative cycles that she reconnected with her crystals and explored alternative healing. This led her on her own spiritual journey, a period of training in Bali with a shamanic healer, and a career switch. Driessen now splits her time, working with clients one-on-one as a crystal healer, Reiki practitioner tarot card reader, and leading events and workshops on various elements of modern spirituality.

“With increased levels of anxiety and our disconnect from nature, many modern women are turning to crystals. Thanks to social media, crystal healing practises are presented in a accessible and inviting way,” Driessen says of the burgeoning trend.

Click through to see some of Driessen’s top tips and favourite crystal rituals to get you on the road to spiritual success.

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