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Seth and Stephen Curry made NBA history on Tuesday, becoming the first pair of brothers known to play against each other in a conference finals. But the notable accomplishment brought on a dilemma for their parents: which jersey to wear to the game. 

Dell and Sonya Curry decided to use a coin toss to figure it out. 

In a series of video clips captured by the youngest Curry sibling, Sydel Curry-Lee, they have a coin with a “W” ― for the Golden State Warriors, which Steph Curry plays for ― on one side and a “P” ― for the Portland Trail Blazers, which Seth Curry plays for ― on the other. 

The Curry parents relied on the classic rock-paper-scissors strategy to decide who would be assigned which side of the coin. 

The results came in: Sonya Curry was designated to wear a Blazers jersey. Dell Curry, a former NBA player, would wear a Warriors one. 

But the parents nonetheless showed support for both their sons at Tuesday night’s game, which resulted in a win for the Warriors. They arrived at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, in split jerseys that had both teams represented, according to a video by NBC Sports Bay Area.

Sonya Curry, who had previously indicated that she and her husband would implement a coin toss to decide on which jersey to wear for every game, told ESPN earlier this week that having both sons in the Western finals was a “blessing.” 

“From our end, to see both of our sons to compete at this level and for the goal to be a championship is such a blessing,” she said. “We never could imagine this.”

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